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    Bomi Joseph is a fruitful creator and an energetic promoter of endogenous wellbeing. He is additionally a Director at Peak Health Foundation. He is a profoundly pursued speaker and has conveyed various introductions on human wellbeing at meetings facilitated by the American Medical Association, Singapore's National Health Services, Malaysian Healthcare, and the Indian Medical Association.

    Bomi Joseph has spearheaded the advancement of the "Wellbeing Index" and the "Profound Health® Device," exceptionally segregating techniques to gauge human wellbeing (patent forthcoming).

    Bomi Joseph: Industry Expert and Advisor

    Bomi Joseph has distributed in excess of 42 papers and licenses and is viewed as a top expert on food and medication wellbeing, food-related infections, and medication bigotry.

    Joseph at present fills in as a counsel to driving food/drug organizations, the Food and Agricultural Organization, and the World Health Organization—fundamentally in the space of food and medication wellbeing, added substances, food-borne sicknesses, and hereditarily altered food varieties.

    Bomi Joseph filled in as an individual from the Institute of Medicine's Food and Nutrition Board from

    1987 till 2004.

    Scholastic Background

    Bomi Joseph procured his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University (1986) and his paper was on ligand restricting to G Protein Receptors on cell layer surfaces. No less than eight Nobel Prizes in Biochemistry and Medicine have been granted in this field starting around 2012.

    Joseph is a Harvard Business School alum (PMD 58), a Patron Member of the

    Harvard Business School Association of Northern California, and a Benefactor of the HBS Healthcare Alumni Association.

    Individual Life and Interests

    Bomi Joseph is a private pilot and an enthusiastic competitor. He is likewise the Branch Chief of Silicon Valley Oyama Karate and practices a dynamic and extremely uncommon type of yoga called "Shatriya Yoga."

    In his extra energy, Joseph appreciates communing with nature, investing time with his child, contemplating, playing the guitar, and paying attention to music.

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