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    Bomi Joseph is a well-known author and a strong believer in the benefits of self-care. Additionally, he serves on the board of the Peak Health Foundation. As a sought-after speaker, he's given countless lectures on human health at conferences held by the American Medical Association, Singapore's National Health Services, Malaysian Healthcare, and the Indian Medical Association.

    Health Index and Deep Health® Device, pioneered by Bomi Joseph, are extremely discerning ways for assessing human health. Bomi Joseph, MD (patent pending).


    Bomi Joseph is an expert in the field and a consultant.
    Bomi Joseph is a world specialist in food and drug safety, food-borne illness, and medication intolerance, with more than 42 publications and patents to his name.

    As an advisor to prominent food and pharmaceutical businesses, the Food and Agricultural Organization, and the WHO, Joseph focuses on food and drug safety, additives, food-borne illness, and genetically modified foods.

    IMD's Food and Nutrition Board had Bomi Joseph as a member from 2003 to 2007.

    Beginning in 1987 until 2004.

    Education and Training

    Ligand binding to G protein receptors on cell membrane surfaces was the focus of Bomi Joseph's Ph.D. dissertation at The Ohio State University (1986). Since 2012, there have been at least eight Nobel Prizes in Biochemistry and Medicine given in this discipline.

    His affiliations with the HBS Healthcare Alumni Association and the Harvard Business School Association in Northern California include him being a PMD 58 alumnus and serving as a patron member and benefactor of the HBS Alumni Association.


    Interests & Hobbies

    In addition to being a pilot, Bomi Joseph is an active runner. The Branch Chief of Silicon Valley Oyama Karate is also a practitioner of "Shatriya Yoga," a dynamic and extremely unusual style of yoga practice.

    Joseph likes spending time with his kid, spending time in nature, meditating, playing the guitar, and listening to music when he is not working or studying.

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